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portrait of Nikki Goodeve holding a camera

A little bit about  me

The person behind the lens

"Today's moments, are tomorrow's memories.  Let me help you to relive your memories for years to come" 

Nikki Goodeve, Professional Photographer

Portrait of Nikki Goodeve looking through the camera lens
portrait of Nikki Goodeve with her young children
Photo of Nikki Goodeve with her family
Portrait of Nikki Goodeve with her cat and seagull

PebblesRock is my other creative outlet that keeps me busy!

Pebbles Rock logo, Nikki Goodeves other creative outlet

How it all began...

I am passionate about creating images that have depth. Images that, not only connect with the viewer but images that my clients love. It is also important that my clients enjoy the entire process from beginning to end.  

My love for taking photos first grew from the age of 14 when my dad, who also loves photography, introduced me to the wonders of black & white film and taught me how to use a portable dark room for processing my own prints. Photography quickly became a hobby and I continued exploring Photography alongside my time at University where I studied Graphic Design. I immersed myself in the world of digital photography and learnt everything about editing which has become a continual learning curve as technology evolves.

When I’m not photographing adorable newborns, pets or meeting new people you will probably find me running around after my two girls somewhere in sunny Sussex or doing something creative to help me unwind. I love spending time with my family whether that be taking a stroll along the the beach, or cuddled up on the sofa watching a movie.

After the birth of my first daughter, and leaving my London lifestyle to become a mum. I set up 'Photography Fairy' and in 2015 chose to initially specialise in newborn and child photography.  As my work has since broadened, so too has my passion to grow and continually improve. I'm constantly learning and have  embraced Fine Art Photography, Pets, Equine, Portraits and Branding photography in my work. Since 2018 I have received numerous awards, in 2020 I became a Qualified member of The Guild of Photographers and rebranded to Nikki Goodeve Photography where I now offer a much wider portfolio of work, genres and styles.

For more about my Awards & Accolades see here.


Some other fun facts about me...

  • In 2000 I sailed across the Atlantic on a 45ft yacht.

  • I’m often referred to as ‘the animal whisperer’ and seem to have a real affinity with animals and have many stories to tell about the animal encounters I've had over the years!

  • I have a ‘pet’ seagull (Mr Seagull) that visits me daily, he comes when I call him and takes food from my hand. If you visit my studio you are likely to get to meet him! Coincidentally my Nan also had a friendly seagull who would visit her daily too!

  • I have a pet cat called Squidge who is very vocal and likes to meet my clients in the studio, he thinks he’s actually a dog (and also my third child!).

  • I love being creative and have a sideline business called Pebbles Rock where I make bespoke commissions for people and pets out of pebble, seaweed, shingle and shell. I have also created some unique pieces made from antique watch parts too.​

Gift Vouchers

Portrait of seven golden retriever puppies

A photoshoot gift voucher makes for a perfect present. Gift vouchers are available to arrange of pets with their owners or as pet only photoshoot. 

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